I’m addicted, I’ll admit it.

A while ago I decided that there were a few little weekly-recurring tasks that my my memory didn’t need to bother with. Currently rolling an iPhone, I scheduled a bunch of repeating tasks. Really dumb stuff like “clean shoes” and “cut fingernails” – the sort of thing it’s great to be doing regularly but you sometime let fall by the wayside or push to the back of the queue.

And that has worked well. But then, I started adding to the automation. Next came non-repeating events, in a way using that Reminders app for what it was intended: reminding. I’m far less internally organised than my significant other, and there’s nothing worse than losing face when something like purchasing milk drops off one’s radar. And again, this has all worked well. My little robot slave has been assimilated nicely into my daily habits, and I find I’m getting a lot more stuff done than before. More importantly, there’s structure. (I like structure. Whenever I’ve gone through stages where I let things go, fall out of a routine, and just take everything as it comes, that’s the only time I start feeling flat, aimless and a little depressed.)

Lately I’ve been having something of a personal-development renaissance. Not ready to drop the whole lot on y’all right here and now, but let’s just say that, the novel and day-job withstanding, I’ve suddenly got eight distinct projects on the boil. It started out as a decision to bring a couple of my dormant-but-used-to-earn sites back from the dead, and has blossomed into something else. Naturally, I didn’t want anything else to suffer as a result of wanting to dedicate time to that, so got organised about it, and yes, involved the machine yet again.

Reminders was too small. No, now I’ve gone all OmniFocus on my life’s ass. Setting up projects, breaking each down into tiny chunks of tasks, assigning each a deadline, and hooking all that up to be constantly harassing me via my phone. And why stop there at the new and old projects? The writing stuff is in there now too, and yes, even the fingernails.

And more. In fact, I’m not sure I know how to stop. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to how many aspects of your life you can break down into bits and assign a chunk of your week with a tick-box beside it.

This isĀ all getting a bit OCD and I’m not sure it’s healthy. I sat here this morning with the spare lazy hour of geek-time that had appeared and suddenly hit a blank. Not a blank spot caused by lack of having things to do, but that of not knowing where to start.

The last thing I expected to find at the end of the organisational road was chaos, but here we are.

Still, my shoes are clean, and my fingernails cut. That might be enough for a Saturday.