Every morning, the same story: within twenty seconds of jumping out of bed, there’s some small snippet of audio running through my head on a loop, often there to stay the entire day. Sometimes it’s something obvious I can tie to an event of the previous day, less often something related to a dream, but most often? Who knows. It’s just there.

Some days I don’t mind – it’s like having your iPod on with a free track you never had to pay for. But then there’s a day like today, where not only did it take me a good half-hour to figure out the relevance to anything that had been going on, but sadly isn’t anything I can rock out to (or ‘cure’ by playing the track on loop in Spotify a few times when I got to work).

So yes, here it is : the Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 entry to “odd shit I had stuck in my head on loop when I woke up”:

Al Pacino yelling “Attica! Attica!”, over and over, from the 1975 film ‘Dog Day Afternoon’.

See what I mean? So far as something to wake up with, it’s a big steaming pile of WTF

I had a shower, breakfast, and a think about it before the answers came. I broke my finger yesterday (long… no, actually, short story involving a clumsy dumbbell moment at the gym). Somewhere around bed-time, Cat had mentioned rubbing some of this gooey gel stuff all over it to reduce the bruising, which she’d had great success with during a recent foot-break. ‘Arnica’. Yes, though nothing to do with prison rioting or Oscar-worthy performances, I’m fairly sure this ancient herbal remedy was the source of this morning’s indelible loop, and with ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ being in my all-time top 20 (maybe even top-10) it’s not a huge stretch to have made that leap.

Yesterday, Monday, a much simpler explanation : Britney + Will.i.am. Specifically the verse, not the chorus. Over and over. I don’t even like the song, but it’s everywhere right now, and I can’t hold it against her or Will.i.am for coming up with a catchy hook. I mean, isn’t that their job? It went, eventually, but only after listening to the track a few times when I got to work.

Sunday, fortunately, there was no loop. This is a rare occurrence, and one which always comes at a high price: I’d gotten to bed at about 4:30am after a very long night of drinking and feasting, barely slept a wink, then got up with an 8am alarm to drag my sorry (still quite seedy/intoxicated) ass out to do a very bleary Sunday morning bike-ride into the middle of town to attend the cast-and-crew screening of Fast & Furious 6. Strictly speaking, this doesn’t really count as a day where I “woke up”, cause if I’m being honest, I never truly went all the way to sleep.

But Saturday morning: oh yes, I’d slept. Very well, in fact, which doesn’t explain even a fraction of what the hell was going on when suddenly this was drilling into my brain:

The very end of the Flintstones theme-song, “we’ll have a gay, ol’ time”, on hard repeat.

I have no idea where that came from, and you know what? I don’t want to know. In fact, I’m just going to leave that right there, because Friday morning was a much simpler beast to explain:

‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk (ft Pharrell Williams). The whole track.

On the first listen, I was disappointed. Felt like another disco revival, and I wasn’t down with that, but somehow, without even trying, it had worked its way into my head over the course of the week (or two), and by Thursday I had it on high repeat in my work play-list. Very catchy tune, and I’m not surprised it made a powerful debut on the morning wake-up loop. In fact, all power to it – happy for it to be there.

A day earlier, not so lucky. I don’t even want to think about it now. Even the sight of its familiar logo has been enough to get this particular piece of music in my head, no matter what time of day or night, where it has sometimes stayed for days. I was hesitant in even mentioning in this write-up, but even that thought itself was enoughto start up a fresh loop (finally deposing “Attica! Attica!” from its Tuesday throne) :

The main theme from ‘Jurassic Park’.

It’s like my Achilles heel. No idea why this track is so sticky, and once it takes hold, it does not leave. I’m not kidding: I can’t even look at the logo, and that smirking skeletal bastard is everywhere, even now, all these years later. Those musically-astute amongst you will no doubt try to trip me up here and say: “Oh? But which theme? From memory, the main theme of Jurassic Park seems to be three distinct melodies, not just the one…” And hey, you know what, wise-guy? It doesn’t matter. If one of them slides in, they all get a play. It’s ridiculous and infectious to the point where I might even go so far as to admit “I have a problem”.

The thing is that on this particular Thursday morning, there was absolutely no reason for it to be there. None. No dinosaur dreams. No recent viewings. No recent thematic outbursts, posters, trailer mentions, or anything vaguely related to Sam Neill or annoying children had crossed my mind the day or night before. It’s a mystery as big as why the dinosaurs died out, and one which I doubt I’ll get an answer to.

Is it just me? Is it normal to get up with something looping in your head each and every day?  People get stuff stuck in their heads all the time, but every day, like clockwork?

What about you?

The worst part about all of this is that I just followed a link through to a page full of “where are they now” photos, and caught sight of the kids from 90’s pop sensation, ‘Hanson‘.

Please, oh please: let that be their last appearance this week…