No, I’m not dead.

I made a pact with the devil regarding my second book: “Winners”, and opted not to write a single word anywhere apart from the draft that is now sitting in my Scrivener being picked-apart, rewritten, and polished.

It’s in great shape, if I may be so bold. Way further along than the first was after the first draft; a win for my own education/development, even if it’s still a long way from sitting on your collective Kindles. Can’t wait to share it. While I’m proud of having finished “The Brave” (still querying!) I’ve planned this second one to be a far different beast. “The Brave” was me determined to exorcise a whole bunch of autobiographical ghosts, trying to write a good book but not thinking of where it’d go when it was all over. “Winners” is me determined to simply tell a good story – a cracking yarn – very conscious that yes, I’d like this published, thank you very much (vs. ‘whatever – I just want to finish a novel’). Already I can see the difference in the eyes of any friend or colleague I corner with a beer and run through both pitches. With The Brave, they say “yeah… cool… ” but sorta glaze.  With Winners, they smile and nod, and usually say “that’d make a great movie”, followed by the customary follow-up “have you thought about self-publishing?” (Me: “Yes. And no.” Insert long-winded reply about having faith in the additional manuscript-honing talent that pursuing traditional/hybird path brings…)

That wasn’t all I’ve been up to. Two short movie gigs (both Marvel properties, not-so-oddly enough). Quite a lot of travel (Spanish mountain hikes, fishing on Norwegian fjords etc.) not to mention coding and managing the tech/site/social end of Cat’s epic East London dining/delivery pop-up project, which has all gone well.

So sorry, vanity domain. I’ve neglected you.

However, the near future already has its series of buzzwords: declutter. Slash and burn. Simplify. I’m quite busy shuffling a number of things around ( / out ) of my day-to-day/week-to-week at the moment, in favour of a cleaner, more focused state. The wind’s been blowing that way for a while. This site will stay, of course. It kinda has to. Those were the rules, and those haven’t changed.

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting semi-regular again, and not just this pseudo-journal personal crap either. Maybe.


But not yet.

Enjoy your summer, folks, as I’m sure as hell enjoying mine… (August : Rome, Morocco…)


Watch this space.