You heard me right.
I think I’ve finished my second book, Winners.

Well, ‘finished’ is a tough call to make at this point, so how about: ‘finished… enough…’?

Oh, who am I kidding; there’ll be more work on it, especially once the querying gets going. But for now—minor moppings-up and a grammar/punctuation pass aside—I’m pretty happy with where it’s at. Time to let it settle, give it and my brain a rest from one another, and to start throwing the first 10000 words in front of the right pairs of professional eye-balls.

So what’s next?

Funny you should ask. I thought I’d be moving on to this great and crazy idea that’d been percolating in the back of my head for years, however it looks as though fate has other plans.

All it took was one of those long walks home, on a day where I’d (okay, I’m going to let you in on a personal secret here) set my Spotify app not to broadcast what I was listening to, just so I could play (and enjoy, with great shame) the soundtrack from Frozen, and suddenly, a fresh story materialised into my head. By the time Elsa belted the final strains of ‘Let It Go‘, I had the bare bones of a story tapped furiously into, where it’s since become the thing I’ve thought about and fleshed-out during every foot-commute since.

The book is tentatively called Beth & Stevie, and it’s a different kind of love story.

I’m hesitant in saying too much more about it yet. Just know that I’m just as excited about it as I was at the beginning of Winners, and despite it being very early days, can’t wait to start smashing out drafts. Until then, I’ve got a serious amount of reading to do. Where my last two books have been very much the product of personal history and imagination, while this is still true, there’s a serious research component involved this time should I ever want to bring the outline to any respectful, three-dimensional life.

More on that later.

For now, you might have also noticed that the ol’ vanity domain looks a little different. Take a look around, marvel at the wonders of WYSIWYG/shortcode template editing tools in 2016, and make sure you’re all signed up to the all new mailing-list. (Not sure what I’m doing with this yet, though likely just very occasional updates if/when something amazing starts moving with one of the manuscripts.)

Oh, and if anyone needs me, I’m heading back in on a movie gig next week. Should be a good one – stay tuned. 🙂