Hi! I’m Demis.

Hi! I’m Demis, a photographer and visual effects artist, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve spend a life entertaining people from somewhere behind the scenes, up on stages, or lurking between the pixels. Always keeping it stupid, keeping it fun, keeping it fresh.

I’m currently chasing a little more analogue and purpose in my creative work – slowing things down, trying to keep that line between art and content crystal clear, and above all else, finding ways to keep things creative and human. My last couple of years has included more longer form photography projects, still very much in progress – give me a shout if you’d like an early peek at some of it.

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Netflix, Disney, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Apple Studios, Universal.


PhotoVogue, C-Heads, iMirage, Creators Mag, RektMag, TokSick Magazine, Volant.

Thanks for dropping by – I’m always happy to connect, so please do reach out, or drop by the studio sometime! Get in touch here.

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