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Blogging since 1998, Demis’s online antics, virals, films and scribblings have taken their mythic fifteen minutes of the world’s attention many times over, his work has featured in many of this planet’s major print and online publications, television broadcasts, or up on the silver screen, whether credited by his often-misspelled name, a line in the end-crawl, or as a lurking presence felt behind the scenes.   

His dark, trollish sense of humour leaks brazenly into much of his work, heavily influenced by his long, dappled career as a gentleman adventurer: riding the trains playing piano with the Orient Express, a koala-suited eco-warrior, museum relic, online-pornographer, aspiring novelist, willing eater of the world’s foulest foods, survivor of a world tour of duty with a high-profile music act, and that one crazy summer when Internet randoms paid him far less than they should’ve to watch him shake his butt to 80s classics on YouTube for kicks. (True story.)

Demis is currently splitting his year between words and pictures: creating visual effects for Hollywood (e.g. ‘Spectre‘, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘), freelancing as a writer and photographer, and, more often than not, putting in the hours punching out novels from his east London lair.

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Want more? Feel free to check out the recent work page.   Or hey, if that’s still not enticing enough, why not jump straight to the juicy stuff: Demis’s infamous sex-tape? #NotSorry

(p.s. Hi SN / Georgia! Listing 1000438)

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